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Community Care-A-Van

Vietnam Veteran's Day CAV
Vietnam Family Fun Day
OLSD CAV event 6-13
OLSD CAV event2  6-13
Ag Safetu Day (2)
Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Community Care-A-Van is our way of giving back to all the communities we have the privilege of serving. Our Care-A-Van is capable of cooking pizzas in an operational oven in the rear of the Van. We serve hunks and whole pizzas to any charitable cause with a smile. We are so proud of our Care-A-Van as it allows us to live our Core Values within our community. If you would like to learn more, read below about our guidelines, and then request our Van for your next event! 



Our Guidelines

Thank you so much for allowing us to do our part to give to your charitable cause. We plan to do our absolute best to make perfect pizzas for your cause’s benefit. We request that applications be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event. As you will see in the application, all proceeds will go towards your cause. Our volunteers will be busy making sure that the pizza meets the quality standard, so we ask you have a designated volunteer to accept all the money paid for the pizza. To ensure you get the most benefit from our pizza event, we ask that you set the price of “Hunks” and whole pizzas at a minimum of $4 and $12, respectively. Also, if you are advertising and promoting our Care-A-Van, please use the guidelines below.

  • Reference the contribution as the Community Care-A-Van

  • Please advertise the minimum prices of $4 for “Hunks” of pizza and $12 for whole pizzas.

  • Advertise that all proceeds will go to the cause.

  • Refer to slices as “Hunks”

  • Pizza provided By Henderson Wholesale, distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza

*Our Care-A-Van is capable of cooking pizzas for 2 hours at any event. This time will result in around 100 cooked pizzas, depending on the speed of our volunteers. 

*We are unable to operate the Care-A-Van in inclement weather. We reserve the right to cancel due to weather conditions. 


Hunt Brothers Pizza was AMAZING! We were able to feed volunteers, and also bring pizza to the homeless population... Thank you for your help!

-Julie McDonald

The staff of Hunt Brothers Pizza always goes above and beyond my expectations. From large scale events to private parties; I know I can count on them!

-Ada O'Quain

"Thank you so much Hunt Brothers Pizza for providing pizzas for our entire basketball camp. Kids and the coaches really enjoyed every bite. My daughter really enjoyed helping out at your cooking van, as well!" 

-Coach Dorsey

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